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Chiropractic is a system of health aimed at treating a number of conditions while focusing on improving the health of the patient in a holistic manner. Chiropractic focuses on the integration of the patient’s nervous system. The nervous system (the brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls the function of every other system in the body including the heart and lungs, digestion and nervous system. Chiropractic focuses on removing interference to and balancing the patient’s nervous system, thereby allowing the body’s innate healing mechanisms to function correctly.

While chiropractors are best known for their treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as back and neck pain, headaches, migraines and sciatica, chiropractic can offer benefits for many other conditions as well.

Many people come to chiropractors for acute symptom based care, when they are in pain. However many people find that the benefits of chiropractic care extend beyond just the removal of pain to include preventative and wellness care. Wellness care is focused on maintaining and optimising your health, not just to ensure a long life, but to make sure that your life is all that it can be for all your years!

Chiropractors have traditionally used spinal adjustments to restore normal function to the spine, however many other therapies such as soft tissue treatments (including massage) and nutrition are also used. Rehabilitation exercises are often used including vestibular and brain based routines. The practitioners at Optimal Life will discuss the treatment options that are appropriate in your case after your initial consultation.

Functional Nutrition

The basis of all disease is biochemistry.

  • Biochemistry occurs mostly in the cell not in the blood stream.
  • This means that an apparently normal blood test result may mask a tissue or cellular disturbance.
  • Cells require nutrients to function normally
  • This seems obvious, but medical science would have you believe the answer to improving a biochemical dysfunction is to take patented, synthesised chemicals rather than obtain your requirements from nutrition. Nutrients in the proper quantities, are all the body requires for optimal function.
  • There is no average person.
  • We are as unique from one another as our finger prints, but the loudest voice is the call for evidence based medicine and treatment, which treats everyone the same, regardless of our biochemical differences. It ignores the differences of causation and assumes that the same treatment is appropriate for all – no matter what.
  • There is no average cell.
  • Each cell is a specialist in its own area. For instance a cardiac cell would not be well placed to function normally in the liver. Therefore both cells cannot be treated the same way and unique nutrients must be made available to a cell for it to be able to do its job to optimal functionality.
  • Cells are defined by their output.
  • For instance, an oral salivary cell is defined by the output of saliva.
  • Nutrients function better when toxin levels are low.
  • Toxins can impede the function of the cell at best and at worst destroy the cell. They also compete with, and destroy the chemicals and fuel that that cell needs to be able to function properly.
  • If there is to be a normal range for something, there must be a compensatory mechanism to keep it within the range.
  • This means that there is a mechanism to stop a nutrient getting too low and another to stop a nutrient getting too high. If nutrients are out of range the compensatory mechanisms must have failed or be faulty.

Nutrition Medicine is looking for the process or cause that is pushing nutrients out of range. This involves looking at why the biological system failed to correct itself. This is likely to involve toxicity, damage or a deficiency of appropriate nutrition. If resources were perfect the biological system SHOULD be able to correct itself.

The Nutritional Biochemist/Clinical Nutritionist

Nutritional biochemistry is the study of nutrition as a science. While nutritional science is composed of various studies in food components, nutrients, and their function regarding humans and other mammals, nutritional biochemistry specifically focuses on nutrient chemical components, and how they function metabolically, physiologically, biochemically as well as their impact on disease.

Nutritional Biochemical research is primarily centred upon defining dietary and nutritional needs in sick and healthy individuals and the reduction of side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. The clinical nutritionist is conceptually driven rather than protocol driven when dealing with disease. This conceptual approach promotes flexibility, innovative thought and experimentation for the evolution of new and better treatments .[1]

Nutritional biochemistry is an integrative form of science as it uses other sciences such as physiology, medicine, microbiology, pharmacology, chemistry and biology and applies these sciences specifically to the study of health, diet, nutrition, disease, drug treatment and the connections that exist among them. Malnutrition both macro and micro is typically a serious concern for nutritional biochemists. Nutritional deficiencies or over-nutrition are often the cause of disabilities, disease, and other problems. These conditions in particular include diabetes, cancer, birth defects, obesity, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular disease and even mental health. A nutritional biochemist can develop plans to counteract these afflictions, identifying both nutritional causes as well as preventative measures.

Nutritional biochemical therapy refers to specific nutrition procedures including assessment and interventions in the treatment of an illness, injury or disease condition. Nutritional biochemical therapy procedures define the level, content and frequency of nutrition supplementation that are appropriate for optimal care and nutrition outcomes.

Nutrition is a life sustaining treatment. The major goals of nutrition therapy are:

  • To optimize nutrition status, immunity, fertility and overall wellbeing of an individual.
  • To prevent specific nutrient deficiencies be they relative or constitutional.
  • To prevent loss of weight and lean body mass in chronic illnesses and in the aged.
  • To maximize the effectiveness of medical and pharmacological treatments.
  • Reduce inflammation and regulate gene expression
  • To minimize health care costs.

Research shows that nutritional biochemical therapy saves lives, reduces morbidity, improves health outcomes, and reduces healthcare costs and patients’ length of hospital stay. What is not to love about that!


Cryotherapy is a quick, effective and non-invasive therapy which involves cooling the body in an environment of between -110 and -190 degrees Celsius for up to 3 minutes.

Cryotherapy is a safe treatment which is ideal for reducing inflammation, promoting rehabilitation and repair of muscle and tissue, pain management, recovery, immune boosting, increasing metabolism and energy, weight loss and general wellbeing.

For more information or to book an appointment for Cryotherapy at Optimal Life Natural Medicine, click here


Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional old style Hawaiian technique used to treat clients on a holistic level.  The massage uses continuous, long flowing and deep pressure stroke movements to release muscle tension and promote a sense of calm and relaxation.  The massage can assist to facilitate reaching a meditative state, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and take time out to reduce stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling uplifted and refreshed.


Potential benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage include:

  • Release of tension in soft and deep tissue
  • Increased relaxation
  • Improved circulation
  • Instills a sense of peace, harmony and balance
  • May assist to improve emotional wellness

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Optimal Life Natural Medicine are the proud hosts to an ADVANCE o2 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.

Some of these potential benefits include:

  • Improving strength, energy and endurance
  • Relieving tension, stress and muscle stiffness
  • Promoting healing of injuries and wounds
  • Relief from headaches and migraines
  • Reducing fatigue and improving sleep patterns

For more information regarding the benefits of Oxygen Therapy for the reduction of inflammation go to www.advanceo2.com. Or contact us to book an appointment in Toowong.


MLS Laser Therapy offers a safe, non-invasive and painless therapy which stimulates the body’s natural healing capacity.  Studies have confirmed that laser therapy is effective for the treatment of injuries and pathologies in various parts of the body.  It may particularly benefit those who lead an active lifestyle as it may assist with pain management, reduction of inflammation, promoting recovery in times of injury and accelerating wound healing.

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