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Why Optimal Life Natural Medicine

At Optimal Life we have one mission:

“We strive to help those whom others can’t. We desire to help others express life more richly. We think in novel ways, acting with integrity and refusing to accept limitations. In this way, the world becomes a more beautiful place.”

The complete and thorough approach to achieving your Optimal Life is where you will experience the Optimal Life difference.

Meet Your Team


Dr. Scott Wustenberg


As the visionary and principal practitioner behind Optimal Life Natural Medicine, Dr Scott Wustenberg is far from your average Chiropractor. Dr Scott is passionate teacher in nutrition and chiropractic neurology and who holds a Masters in Nutrition Medicine.

Inspired to become a Chiropractor by his uncle—who first taught Sacral Occipital Technique in Australia in 1974—Scott studied Biochemistry and Physiology at Auckland University, and Chiropractic at the NZCA School of Chiropractic. He graduated in the first class, and has practiced in NZ, Brisbane and Warwick. In addition to his Bachelor of science and his degree in Chiropractic, Scott also holds a Masters degree in Nutrition Medicine.

Practicing a range of Chiropractic techniques, including Neuro-rehabilitation, Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), Soft Tissue Orthopaedics (STO), Diversified Technique, Biomechanics, and Cranial Therapy; Dr Scott also uses Orthomolecular Medicine—commonly known as Functional Nutrition—to holistically treat patients.

Dr Scott’s passion is evident in coaching people to plan their health for the future, and he is a proponent of unlocking health potential through nutrition and exercise. Having treated many sporting champions, including Super 15 rugby union players, and the NZ Olympic kayaking squad, who went on to win gold at the World championships and silver at the Olympics in the K1; this year it was time for Dr Scott to embrace his inner athlete and placed first and second and third in competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He truly is a living testimony to the joyous potential of nutrition and physical activity contributing to an optimal life.


Julie Ferguson

Wellness Assistant

More details coming soon…


Chloe Halter

Wellness Assistant

Chloe brings her passion for nutrition and health to the Optimal Life team, we are lucky to have her during the time that she completes her studies in Nutrition. Her knowledge, proactive nature and wonderful sense of humour keep the clinic running efficiently and cheerfully, Chloe always going above and beyond to ensure our patients have the very best experience.

Mel Pannell

Wellness Assistant

Coming to us with a strong background in office management Mel and her family have been seeing Dr Scott as patients for many years. Her passion lies in ensuring things are running efficiently within the clinic, allowing the best experience for all of our patients. There may also be a family connection here… you get bonus points if you figure it out!


Nicky Wustenberg

Accounts Manager

Nicky is an incredibly valued member of the team, not only for her bookkeeping skills and fabulous sense of humour, but also because she keeps our fearless leader (Dr Scott) organised both at work and at home. Needless to say one of her strengths is patience!

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