• Call (07) 4661 9988 Warwick or (07) 3371 0222 Toowong now
  • Call (07) 4661 9988 Warwick or (07) 3371 0222 Toowong now
  • Call (07) 4661 9988 Warwick or (07) 3371 0222 Toowong now


Chiropractic is the wholistic approach to your health that focuses on normalising your nervous system's function to ensure optimal wellbeing.

Functional Nutrition

Utilising the latest in nutritional science, we assess and treat many disorders using natural methods. Click to learn more.


Massage involves working muscles and connective tissues in the body to promote relaxation, optimal function and healing.

Optimal Life Chiropractic - Warwick & Toowong

Health is about so much more than just exercising and eating well. Achieving human potential in life is all about finding the right balance for you as an individual, and determining what your body responds to best.

At Optimal Life Chiropractic in Warwick & Toowong we use a range of different techniques to suit each individual patient, providing a fresh approach to holistic health care and often achieving results where conventional medicine cannot help.

Optimal Life Chiropractic is an alternative health clinic dedicated to providing advanced, modern healthcare to create a happier, healthier, well balanced community.

Our primary aim is to help individuals to achieve their potential as human beings, from newborns and families to competitive athletes, the elderly and everyone in between.

Optimal Life Warwick

26 Myall Ave
Warwick, QLD 4370
Phone: (07) 4661 9988

The Warwick clinic is located in 26 Myall Avenue which is just off the main highway through the town and only 1 block from the Medical Centre and Queensland X-Ray.

Optimal Life Toowong

48 Sherwood Road
(crn of Jehpson and Sherwood)
Toowong, QLD 4066
Phone: (07) 3371 0222

Corner Jephson street and Sherwood road, above Coffee Club. Rooftop parking with access from Jephson street.
Bus stop "Toowong 598" beside the driveway in Jephson street.
Train station at Toowong village across the road.

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